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From:Matthew Scott Date:January 13 2004 4:33pm
Subject:Recreating InnoDB tables -WITHOUT- .frm
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To all the InnoDB gurus out there:

I have a similar problem to this person's predicament, except my situation
is that I have all the innodb data and log files, but have absolutely
no .FRM files.

Are there any general tools for data recovery from InnoDB databases?  Any
companies that can do this for a fee?  Anything???   :)

Thanks.    <crossing my fingers that myself and Adam can find resolutions to
our respective situations!>

c4632@stripped wrote:

> I'm cleaning up a user-error where the innodb data files were deleted
> without a useful backup. I need to reconstruct the tables and still have
> the frm files. Is this possible? A significant amount of time was put into
> these tables' structures and I hate to lose that effort...
> Yes the users are kicking themselves about the backup...
> Adam

Matthew Scott <spud@stripped>

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