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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 11 1999 9:51pm
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>>>>> "Ralph" == Ralph Schindler <ralph@stripped> writes:

Ralph> odbc question,
Ralph>    i have the newest version of myodbc for NT and win (on seperate machines)
Ralph> runnning access 2000 and access 97 (respectivly) .. i get the same problem
Ralph> on both.
Ralph> i have a id = int not null primary key auto_increment defined
Ralph> and have choosen return all matching rows selected in the odbc
Ralph> and have a timestamp defined.

Ralph> why can i update some records whereas other records give me the error that
Ralph> "antoher user has modified the record would you like to save you to the
Ralph> clipboard"?


The problem is that Access does some very weird, nonstandard stuff
when it tries to find out the auto_increment id for a newly inserted
row.  The good news is that it seems that we managed to find a
workaround for this in MySQL..

I will shortly release MySQL 3.23.5 with the patch.  If it works ok, I 
will also move the patch to the 3.22 release series.


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