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From:Diana Soares Date:January 12 2004 1:47pm
Subject:Re: metric conversions
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You could do something like (don't copy and paste, this is just for you
to have an ideia - i didn't understand your calculations with 0.063 and

SELECT IF (metric="cm", expression_in_centimeters, expression_in_inches)
, ...other_fields....
FROM ...

where "metric" is the name of the table field which can have values "cm"
or "inches" (could be a ENUM, for example).

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 13:20, Richard Davies wrote:
> I recieve measurements for a product sometimes in inches, sometimes in 
> centimeters.
> These are stored in table1
> int not null primary key, measurement1 int, measurement2 int, type 
> varchar(255)
> I need to extract data from this table and store it in another table with all 
> measurements converted to inches.
> insert into table2 select from table1 no, measurement1+0.625, 
> measurement2+0.063, 'Style';
> Would it be possible to have a field in table1 that indicates centimeters or 
> inches and modify the insert statement to check this field and divide 
> everything by 2.54 before adding and inserting? If this is possible how would 
> I do it I can't quite make it work.
> -- 
> Regards
> Richard

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