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From:Director General: NEFACOMP Date:January 9 2004 1:36pm
Subject:Re: odbc
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ODBC does not need to be installed on the server machine. It is only needed
on the client.
So, it is possible to use Access to connect to the MySQL server even though
the ODBC is not installed on the server.
Just install MyODBC on the client machine and tell Access to connect through
You may need to create a DSN that connects to the server.

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From: "Matthew McNicol" <mysql@stripped>
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Subject: odbc

I have a PHP/MySQL database application running on linux hosted webspace
(via I'd like to make the information accessible from a MS
Access database which sits on my clients office server (microsoft os),
either by using odbc, or an alternative. This is because the client would
like to be able to use MS Access for reporting purposes.

I don't think odbc is available via the hosted webspace so I may have to
export the data periodically to the MS Access database using

Any recommendations?

Matthew McNicol

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