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From:Chris L. White Date:January 9 2004 4:23pm
Subject:New INstall of MySQL
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Ok I have a question.   This is the first time any of us here in our office
have installed MySQL or for that fact worked with MySQL.  So I got stuck
with trying to figure it out.  Ok here is the problem.  I completely removed
the previous MYSQL installation attempt.  I started new to install MYSQL.  I
go to setup and run the setup and the status bar does not move much and the
installation takes about 5 seconds and then it is done.  I get to the
finished installing screen, but there are no options to choose from like the
test in the screen says there should.  Also I have a my.cnf and ny.ini file
in the proper places and I still have nothing going.  I am confused and the
manual I am finding is not clear enough on this.  I included what the my.cnf
and my.ini file looks like.  And also included the error I am getting after
installation.  Also after MYSQL is installed should there not be some icons
for things related to it, because I don't even have them.  I am trying to
install this on 2003 Server Standard Edition and have IIS 6 and TCP/IP
installed.  Please help.



# set basedir to your installation path

# basedir=C:/mysql

# set datadir to the location of your data directory



# Example mysql config file.

# Copy this file to c:\my.cnf to set global options


# One can use all long options that the program supports.

# Run the program with --help to get a list of available options


# This will be passed to all mysql clients






# Here is entries for some specific programs

# The following values assume you have at least 32M ram


# The MySQL server





set-variable      = key_buffer=16M

set-variable      = max_allowed_packet=1M

set-variable      = table_cache=64

set-variable      = sort_buffer=512K

set-variable      = net_buffer_length=8K

set-variable      = myisam_sort_buffer_size=8M

server-id   = 1


# Uncomment the following if you want to log updates



# Uncomment the following rows if you move the MySQL distribution to another

# location

basedir = c:/mysql/

datadir = c:/SQLData



# Uncomment the following if you are NOT using BDB tables



# Uncomment the following if you are using BDB tables

#set-variable     = bdb_cache_size=4M

#set-variable     = bdb_max_lock=10000


# Uncomment the following if you are using Innobase tables

#innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:400M

#innodb_data_home_dir = c:\ibdata

#innodb_log_group_home_dir = c:\iblogs

#innodb_log_arch_dir = c:\iblogs

#set-variable = innodb_mirrored_log_groups=1

#set-variable = innodb_log_files_in_group=3

#set-variable = innodb_log_file_size=5M

#set-variable = innodb_log_buffer_size=8M



#set-variable = innodb_buffer_pool_size=16M

#set-variable = innodb_additional_mem_pool_size=2M

#set-variable = innodb_file_io_threads=4

#set-variable = innodb_lock_wait_timeout=50




set-variable      = max_allowed_packet=16M




# Remove the next comment character if you are not familiar with SQL




set-variable      = key_buffer=20M

set-variable      = sort_buffer=20M

set-variable      = read_buffer=2M

set-variable      = write_buffer=2M



set-variable      = key_buffer=20M

set-variable      = sort_buffer=20M

set-variable      = read_buffer=2M

set-variable      = write_buffer=2M






C:\MySQL\bin>mysqld --console

040109  9:53:02  InnoDB: Started

040109  9:53:02  Fatal error: Can't open privilege tables: Table
'' d

esn't exist

040109  9:53:02  Aborting


040109  9:53:02  InnoDB: Starting shutdown...

040109  9:53:04  InnoDB: Shutdown completed

040109  9:53:04  mysqld: Shutdown Complete


Chris L. White
Network Administrator 
Coe-Truman Technologies, Inc.
Email: cwhite@stripped


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