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From:Andrei V.Loukinykh Date:April 9 1999 6:27am
Subject:Conditional replace/insert
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 If anybody know how to handle the problem, let me know please.

 I have 2 tables with the similar 4 fields.
  The first table is temporary( and small) and the second one is big.

table TMP                                  table MAIN
DATE  DN  ConvTime  DIGITS             DATE  DN  ConvTime DIGITS

 I want to add each record from the TMP into the MAIN in condition, that
there is no record in MAIN with the same combination of DATE,DN     and
DIGITS. Otherwise ( if such a combination already exists) I have to
replace existing record with the new one BUT THE FIELD ConvTime MUST BE
That's all.
Thanks in advance.
Conditional replace/insertAndrei V.Loukinykh9 Apr
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