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From:ian.orourke Date:January 7 2004 1:40pm
Subject:Re: Bet the Business
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Quoting Mike <mike@stripped>:

> One thing to remember is that every stored procedure you execute steals
> resources that would otherwise go to handling queries, so you do not
> necesscarily see a performance boost by using stored procedures for
> everything, in fact a MySQL server handling a lot of stored procedures could
> very well show poorer performance than a proper n-tier application.

People have said this a few times, and I'm showing my ignorance level here - but
a lot of the n-tier documentation I've seen (allbeit MS and probably dubious)
has the data tier as an SQL Server full of stored procedures which is called
from a business logic tier.

Now, if I don't have stored procedures I'm basically making the same SQL calls
(or different ones, but still SQL calls) from queries formed in my business
layer - so I'm unsure how removing stored procedures helps as your still hitting
the database.

I'm new so I am probably missing something, I'm just interested in the details
of how removing stored procedures might cause performance increase? Is it
because you've moved logic, rather than data access, away from the stored

I must admit, in my limited capacity, most of my simple apps so far have involve
basic selects, inserts, updates, etc.

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