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From:Michael Bacarella Date:January 6 2004 4:58pm
Subject:Re: Bet the Business
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> Obviously, the details are vague here, I was just wondering if anyone had
> any stories, personal ones, rather than the press announcements, of adopting
> MySQL for line of business, critical stuff - what it involved, how it went,
> what issues they faced in getting it accepted and so on.
> I'm genuinly interested.

We started a web site with MySQL in 1999 or so.  The site ran on
a modest little server, sharing it with dozens of other web sites.

With success traffic grew and we always figured in 6 months
MySQL would never be able to handle the load and we'd have to shell
out mega bucks and mega pain for something like Oracle.  Our site generated
perhaps 5 queries a second back in the day.

Every time performance started to drop we've always been able to solve
the problem more easily than imagined.  Besides throwing hardware at
it (which can only go so far), we could always better optimize a query,
do some kind of preprocessing, tweak some database settings, etc.

I've stopped worrying.  It's 2004 and our single server now
processes 2000+ queries a second, and the site today is just as fast
as it was in 1999 (fast!)

What I like best about MySQL is not all of the features that it comes
shrink-wrapped with, but that with a little creativity and a few hours
of work you can get it to do almost anything you want.  MySQL finds a
good balance between what the RDBMS should do and what it should leave
alone.  Maybe this was an accident, maybe it was a sign of technical
brilliance--ignoring marketing demands to achieve technical superiority.
Regardless, it's to a great effect.

I suspect all of the clever and hard work in the world won't get
MS SQL Server to do the unconventional.

Also, insert obligatory benefits of open source boilerplate here.

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