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From:Travis Reeder Date:January 5 2004 11:42pm
Subject:Re: Deciding whether to convert to InnoDB
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Very much so.  That's why I'm trying to get as much juice out of the cpu 
as possible. 


Dan Nelson wrote:

>In the last episode (Jan 05), Travis Reeder said:
>>I'm sure this has been asked before, but I cannot find solid evidence
>>as to whether switching would provide us with any benefits.
>>We currently run MyIsam tables on 4.1.x and we are continuously
>>processing 24 hours/day and using about 20 tables heavily.  The
>>process is generally doing Updates or Inserts depending on whether
>>the row is available for updates, otherwise new rose is inserted and
>>then updates until the next time bucket.  It's always a different
>>time bucket though, not always the same row being used.  We found
>>that running 3 processing threads seems to be around optimal (10 was
>>too many, 1 was too little) for being able to process the maximum
>>amount.  Mysql runs at 100% pretty much constantly.
>100% CPU?  Sounds like you might be CPU-bound.

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