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From:adburne Date:January 5 2004 1:01pm
Subject:Temporary table rights
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Someone can give me a hand with this:

I'll be fighting with rights over tmp tables time ago, basically I want give
full temporary tables management but not for other all tables, including
select right.
The only way to do that work was insert in tables_priv for each user a 
user/tmp_table_name" record granting full privileges on that temporary table

There is a problem with this because 'TMP%' as table_name doesn't work in
tables_priv, you must insert many rows as many different temporary tables
names you think use.
The question is: There is a way to improve tmp rights management? I think
this is a weak side of mysql.
Thnks! Alejandro
Temporary table rightsadburne5 Jan