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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 10 1999 10:09pm
Subject:Re: Edit table
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>>>>> "ratnakd" == ratnakd  <ratnakd@stripped> writes:

ratnakd> Dear Sir,
ratnakd> Thank you for your kind attention. I really appreciate it.

ratnakd> Yes, I am going through MyODBC because I make this program with dephi 3.0 and
ratnakd> I still use some delphi statements to access the tables such as
ratnakd> table1.insert, table1.edit and table1.delete.
ratnakd> Sometimes, the program runs well, but sometimes, especially when I keep
ratnakd> pushing the button for several times, it ends up with this error message  :
ratnakd> "Could not perform the edit because another user changed the record".
ratnakd> So far, I don't see anything wrong in my Delphi program, since it ran well
ratnakd> before I combined it with MySQL and MyODBC.
ratnakd> Is it possibe that the error is coming from MySQL ? Or maybe it's coming from
ratnakd> MyODBC or Delphi ?

ratnakd> If you have any solution for this problem, please let me know....

ratnakd> Thank you,
ratnakd> Ratna


To be able to help you we would need to know a lot more information about
what exactly happens between MySQL and MyODBC!

You can try to do a MyODBC trace file:

Bring up the MyODBC connect dialog, either from your program or using
the ODBC administrator, and set the option marked: 'Trace MyODBC'.
This will tell MyODBC to make a trace file in C:\myodbc.log that
contains lot of information that will help you (and us) to debug the problem.

Check the queries that MyODBC sends to the MySQL server;  You should be able
to find this by searching after ">mysql_real_query".
Try duplicating the queries in the MySQL monitor to find out if the error is

If you find out something is wrong, please only send the relevant rows (max 40 rows) to
the myodbc@stripped;  Not the whole MyODBC trace file !

If you are unable to find out whats wrong, the last option is to make a MyODBC
trace file + a standard ODBC SQL log file and send both of these,
together with a README file that explains the problem, to:

(Only we at TCX will have access to the files you upload and we will be very
discrete with the data!)

If you can create a program that also shows this problem, please
upload this too!

If the program works with some other SQL server, you should make a SQL LOG
file where you do exactly the same thing in the other SQL server.

Remember that the more information you can supply to us, the more
likely it is that we can fix the problem!


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