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From:Dan Nelson Date:December 31 2003 5:24pm
Subject:Re: FULLTEXT Search and Hyphens
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In the last episode (Dec 31), michael elston said:
> I am having some trouble with fulltext search when searching a Table 
> for parts numbers which contain HYPHENS ( - ) and i am 90% sure that is 
> where the problem is.
> My query is:
> SELECT * FROM ms_items
> where MATCH (it_mnfgID, it_title, it_descrip) AGAINST ('*kk-4835*' IN 
> What i want to be able to accomplish is say your are searching for a 
> "KK-4835"
> I want to be able to type in "KK-4835", "KK4835", or even "KK 4835) and 
> all return the same part. as it stands right now,  searching for even 
> just "kk-" returns nothing  but searching for "4835" will return items 
> with 4835.

Make sure you have changed ft_min_word_len to 2; I bet "KK" never got
indexed at all.

Searching for KK4835 probably won't work, since that's one word and
"KK-4835" gets indexed as "KK" and "4835".  You may have to parse your
search string and split the words up before calling mysql. 
	Dan Nelson
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