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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 10 1999 4:43pm
Subject:Re: Using mysqlimport
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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Kline <bkline@stripped> writes:

Bob> On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Eric Wood wrote:
>> Don't you at least have to specify the database and table name on the
>> command line?  How else would it know where to import it?

Bob> The manual says:

Bob> For each text file named on the command line, mysqlimport strips 
Bob> any extension from the filename and uses the result to determine
Bob> which table to import the file's contents into. For example, files
Bob> named `patient.txt', `patient.text' and `patient' would all be
Bob> imported into a table named patient.

Bob> The manual isn't as clear on how the database is identified. I believe
Bob> there's a documentation bug which is still outstanding (at least for the
Bob> copy of the docs on the web site) which omits the DBNAME
Bob> parameter, which should precede the list of input file names.

Fixed.  Thanks for pointing this out!


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