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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:December 29 2003 8:32pm
Subject:MySQL/InnoDB-5.0.0 is released
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Due to Christmas, this release note comes late.

For MySQL users release 5.0.0 is a milestone: you can now write stored
procedures in MySQL.

InnoDB in this MySQL release is essentially the same as in 4.1.1, with the
bug fixes of 4.0.17 included. Later 5.0.x versions will probably include new
space saving table formats for InnoDB.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you upgrade to InnoDB-4.1.1 or higher (like to 5.0.0),
you cannot downgrade to a version lower than 4.1.1 any more! That is because
earlier versions of InnoDB are not aware of multiple tablespaces.

Best regards,

Heikki Tuuri
Innobase Oy
Foreign keys, transactions, and row level locking for MySQL
InnoDB Hot Backup - a hot backup tool for InnoDB which also backs up MyISAM

MySQL/InnoDB-5.0.0 is releasedHeikki Tuuri29 Dec
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