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From:KKoTY Date:December 29 2003 6:03pm
Subject:Re: Problem with mysql_close() API
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hi, i had same problem. But after I put mysql_free_result(MYSQL_RES
after fetching rows from query (or generaly after calling all queries), it
was OK without this message.
I think there is a problem when you allocate memory for result of a query
(with mysql_store_result(MYSQL  *myData)),
and you dont call mysql_free_result() to free this allocated memory, than
memory leaks are detected, and Access Violation Error proceed.

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Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 7:24 AM
Subject: Problem with mysql_close() API

Hi All,

i have a problem everytime i call the function mysql_close(),
it result in Access Violation Error in module libmysql.dll

im migrating from 3.23.52 to 4.0.x
server runs under linux,
im accesing the server through windows based application
built with delphi, using Object Pascal translation from C API (by Jorge del
with the library i took from mysql directory

the flow is similiar like this:

some proccess
mysql_close(@myconnection); <-- this is where the error raised

i slip in mysql_init before mysql_close, and the problem disappear..

some proccess
mysql_close(@myconnection); <-- this is where the error raised

is this normal??
is this how it should be? i've red the manual, and there is none mentioning
that i have to do init before cloaing one.

thanks for any comment

Leonardus Setiabudi
IT Project Coordinator
PT Bina San Prima,

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