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From:Roger Baklund Date:December 27 2003 5:35pm
Subject:Re: foreign keys plz?
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* Alaios
> with myIsam? Does not check about integrity?

That is correct, the myisam table handler does not support foreign key
constraints. It does of course support foreign keys, but not foreign key
constraints, consequently the foreign key itegrity is not checked for myisam

> Mysql 3.2?

(I suppose you meant 3.23)

> What u will use for your application Innodb or MyISAM?

Both? It would depend on your needs. Foreign key constraints is neat, and in
some projects it might be a requirement, but the myisam table handler is
"lighter" because it does not do these checks, and it is also not
transactional, thus it is faster than InnoDB in many cases. myisam also
requires less disk space.

Read more about the different table handlers in the manual, and note that
you can combine different table types in the same database and in the same

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