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From:Terence Date:December 24 2003 7:02am
Subject:Re: 100,000,000 row limit?
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Just to help you along, why test 100m when you can test 1b

SELECT FORMAT(count(*),0) as one_billion_rows
FROM test2.test_size


And so as we can see, mysql can handle pretty big tables.


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I don't believe this.  I'm going to write a script to disprove this theory
right now..



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At 0:57 -0500 12/23/03, Andres Montiel wrote:
>I was informed that MySQL has a 100,000,000 row limit. Is this true? We
>were planning to use MySQL for an inventory system. However, our
>current data (rows) for 1 year for one area is already 8.8 million. We
>want to place data for 5 years for 7 areas. This would exceed
>100,000,000. Is there a possible work around for this?

Where did you hear this?

Paul DuBois, Senior Technical Writer
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Are you MySQL certified?

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