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From:Martin Ramsch Date:October 10 1999 1:53pm
Subject:Re: First Time user ..
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On Sat, 1999-10-09 23:08:31 -0500, Wayne Walters wrote:
> I have create a Java Servlet on Win98.  My web host has put me on
> Unix w/ MySQL. What do I use as a JDBC driver? Can I use the same
> driver for MySQL(shareware version) and the version on my Web Host?

Yes, because the JDBC drivers only depend on the MySQL protocol which
is used to talk to a MySQL server, not on the actual MySQL server
version.  And this MySQL protocol should be compatible ...

> I see drivers listed at, but I don't know the difference
> in a "mm" driver and a "twz" driver.

No technical difference in principle, these are just JDBC drivers from
different authors, choose any of them.
Mark Matthews seems to be more actively working on his driver, so I'd
recommend the mm driver, but the driver by Terrence W. Zellers works
very fine, too!

> Also what are .tar and .gz?  I think that they are compressions but
> how can I de-compress on Win98?

As far as I know, for example WinZip should be able to handle this

>     Also I can't find the Win32 discussion group. What is the format
> of the subscribe?

See <URL: >.

To subscribe to the MySQL-Win32 discussion, write an email to

If you're interested in MySQL and Java discussion, write to

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