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From:Thomas Andersen Date:December 18 2003 9:24pm
Subject:Re: Long Query Times
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an index on any appropriate data (date, sum) should also help tremendously.


"Danny Melton" <dmelton@stripped> wrote in message
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> Hi all,
> I am curious to know if the query times I'm seeing are reasonable or not.
> Here's my situation:
> I am using a database to keep up with web statistics. The table is
> currently growing at about 2 million records a day. The sample table I am
> working with has right at 4 million rows.
> When I execute the query below, it takes approximately 8.5 seconds to
> return. Is this reasonable? Because the way I see it, this time is going
> get out of control after a week, or month, or year.
> SELECT DATE_FORMAT(time, "%Y-%m-%d %H:%i") AS date,
> SUM(sbytes) AS bytes
> FROM log
> GROUP BY date
> ORDER BY date
> Here is some info about my system: Single Processor Intel Xenon 3.06GHz, 1
> GB RAM, RAID 0 SCSI 15K RPM running MySQL ver 11.18 distrib 3.23.58 on
> RedHat 9.
> My table currently looks like this: 3 unsigned ints, 4 char(100), 1
> char(15), and a datetime column. I am not using a primary key or indexes.
> I'm positive a better table design will drastically improve query time. My
> concern is the rate at which the time grows. Can someone who has worked
> with a table of this size let me know what kind of times I should be
> Any information you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dan

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