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From:Dobromir Velev Date:December 18 2003 2:14pm
Subject:Re: Problem with EQ_REF and ALL
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Have you indexed the fields you're using in  the JOIN clauses?

Dobromir Velev

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From: "Koen Van Mulders" <info@stripped>
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Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 15:45
Subject: Problem with EQ_REF and ALL

Someone please help me...

I have 2 queries (in the end I end up joining them with a LEFT JOIN, but
they don't "work" properly)

FROM tbl_v_batch b
LEFT JOIN tbl_v_levering l ON l.ver_lev_id = b.batch_lever_id
LEFT JOIN tbl_klanten k ON k.klant_id = l.ver_lev_klant_id

This one gives ALL on tbl_v_levering l

FROM tbl_v_batch b
LEFT JOIN tbl_v_bestelbon bb ON bb.ver_id = b.batch_bestel_id
LEFT JOIN tbl_klanten k1 ON k1.klant_id = bb.ver_klant_id

This one, on the other hand is correct and gives EQ_REF !

How is this possible ?
It is almost exactly the same table structure :s...

Somebody please help..

Problem with EQ_REF and ALLKoen Van Mulders18 Dec
  • Re: Problem with EQ_REF and ALLDobromir Velev18 Dec