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From:Martijn Tonies Date:December 18 2003 9:52am
Subject:Re: please give me help in important decision!
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Hi Hans,

> i'm working on a java-jsp-page with mysql-connection. now i've created a
> test-system with myisam-tables where the tables are just read. my plans
> for next weeks are, to make the owner of the site capable of
> entering/changing his data by his own - web-based and multi-user-capable.
> as this is - for me - a big jump, i want to ensure myself that i go best
> ways right from the beginning. therefore i hope to get some useful hints
> from you.
> my questions are especially:
> * should i use innodb-tables for the "entering-system" (because of
> transaction-safty-reasons...)?

If you want to avoid locks and if you want to update multiple
tables in a single logical transaction: YES.

> * if yes: how can i change them for the "real-system" (the homepage),
> that uses packed myisam-tables (because there is no writing, only
> reading from db!).

Change what? Your current tables to InnoDB?

> * what are the best ways to get the data from "entering-system" to
> "real-system"? do i have to shut-down the mysql-server each time the
> data is "updated"?

That depends -

- Can you update directly in the "real" system?

Perhaps by replication?

> * what else must i think of?

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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