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From:David Christian Date:April 9 1999 2:39am
Subject:Re: auto_increment problem
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On 4/9/99, at 2:36 AM, Nathan Feger wrote: 

>I'm having a major difficulty with the auto_increment feature.  It seems
>that if the number of digits changes in the auto_increment field I get
>problems.  Say I do ten inserts on a table all subsequent inserts will
>respond with:
>ERROR 1062: Duplicate entry '10' for key 1 
>here is a table definition.
>CREATE TABLE site_params (
>  id varchar(10) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL auto_increment,

I think in the docs it says that the auto_increment field must be int,
not char.  I had this problem one time and looked it up in the docs.
Changed the id field to integer and that solved it.



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