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From:Jim Knepley Date:December 16 2003 10:22pm
Subject:Null-safe equal help, please
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I've got a WHERE clause:
WHERE possibly_null_value IS NULL
That works fine. This null-safe equal doesn't do what I expect:
WHERE possibly_null_value <=> NULL
The manual, and my testing, shows that NULL <=> NULL evaluates to 1, so
my now-fevered mind sees no reason the two above statements are not
What I _really_ want to do is this:
WHERE  possibly_null_value <=> INET_ATON(<IP>) that if no IP is specificied it'll return those
possibly_null_value columns that are, in fact, NULL.
(Just as a test I've also tried possibly_null_value <=> NULLIF(
ISNULL(INET_ATON(<IP>)), 1 ), which is wrong for my app, but still
MySQL 4.0.15-standard
Any insight would be much appreciated.

Null-safe equal help, pleaseJim Knepley16 Dec
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