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From:Nathan Feger Date:April 9 1999 2:36am
Subject:auto_increment problem
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I'm having a major difficulty with the auto_increment feature.  It seems
that if the number of digits changes in the auto_increment field I get
problems.  Say I do ten inserts on a table all subsequent inserts will
respond with:

ERROR 1062: Duplicate entry '10' for key 1 

here is a table definition.

CREATE TABLE site_params (
  id varchar(10) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL auto_increment,
  banner_url varchar(100),
  company_name varchar(100),
  address_l1 varchar(100),
  address_l2 varchar(100),
  address_l3 varchar(100),
  city varchar(100),
  state varchar(100),
  zipcode varchar(50),
  homepage varchar(90),
  sales_email varchar(90),
  service_email varchar(90),
  sales_hotline varchar(50),
  service_hotline varchar(50),
  buy_button_url varchar(100),
  country varchar(100),

then I run this insert ten + times and get the error:

insert into site_params ( id,banner_url) values (0,'delete'); 

also I tried this one too:
insert into site_params ( banner_url) values ('delete');

this is a major problem for my company please give me a hand with this. 

Note if you insert a ten initially the numbers will incrent up to 100
and then the same duplicate error will occur.

I run redhat 5.1 and I run 3.22.16a gamma on the server.

thanks alot,


Nathan Feger			e-mail:nathan@stripped
Pentrel Internet		whois NF1024		phone: 877.pentrel
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