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From:Chris Nolan Date:December 15 2003 11:58pm
Subject:Re: Performance Question
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You may have to increase the size of the table cache, and you will most 
probably need to do something about
ensuring that the mysqld process can open about 1 billion files at the 
same time. There was a discussion along these
lines not so long ago focusing on having massive numbers of tables that 
was encountering problems around performance
due to the above reasons.



Jeremy Zawodny wrote:

>On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 02:31:16PM -0800, Rob Brackett wrote:
>>How hard would it be to modify the MySQL code, and what sort of
>>performance hits would I take, if I was to try to run a hundred thousand
>>MySQL DBs on the same server?  Obviously, some tweaks would be necessary
>>to be able to break up the directory structure of /var/lib/mysql, and I
>>may be souding uninformed, but would there be much to do beyond that?
>Or you could use a filesystem that's smarter about large directories.

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