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From:Thimble Smith Date:October 8 1999 9:45pm
Subject:Re: Copying tables
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At 01:39, 19991008, toxalot@stripped wrote:
>Anyway, what I wanted to do was have a default product table and copy and
>rename it for each new site.

Jennifer, there are a couple of ways to do this.  If you're using 3.23,
you can do something like this:

    CREATE $new_table SELECT * FROM default_products

That's easy, huh?

If you're using 3.22, you have to be more round-about.  You can store
the default table definition in your program, like this:

    # Instead of hard-coding this in your program, you could query the
    # database with "SHOW FIELDS FROM default_products", and use the
    # results to make a new CREATE TABLE statement down below.
    my $default_table = <<'EOS';
        id INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL etc...,

    Then do something like this to make a new table:

    (my $create = $default_table) =~ s/:NAME:/$new_table/;
    $dbh->do("INSERT INTO $new_table SELECT * FROM default_products");

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