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From:J Berends Date:October 8 1999 7:37pm
Subject:Re: login problems
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The GRANT function is much easier once you knows how it works..

That's why sometimes it is good to get a little tip..



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Subject: Re: login problems

| At 22:10, 19991007, J Berends wrote:
| >what are the settings for 'Host' in the table 'user' of the 'mysql'
| The best way to do this is to use the GRANT command.  Then if you
| want to know what the host field has in it, you can just select and
| find out.
| To let user 'buddy@stripped' have full access to database
| 'whozit', using password 'S1lv3rW4re', you would use:
|     GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON whozit.* TO 'buddy'@'fork.utensil.pie'
|     IDENTIFIED BY 'S1lv3rW4re'
| Tim
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