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From:Andrew Braithwaite Date:December 8 2003 9:38pm
Subject:RE: Avarage monthly import
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Are you using MySQL?

OK, if you are then first simplify your query:

	select date_format(dt_imp,'%Y/%m') as date,
	from sp
	group by 1
	order by 1

Then add the AVG column which will work ok with the "group by" :

	select date_format(dt_imp,'%Y/%m') as date,
	from sp
	group by 1
	order by 1

Is this what you were after? (if not, let me know and I'll try again..)



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From: getting_out [mailto:getting_out@stripped] 
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Subject: Avarage monthly import

Hello people.
I have a table structured like this

| Field    | Type                  |
| dt_imp   | date                  |
| imp      | decimal(5,2)          |

If I want to get the total per month I can do a query like this

	select date_format(a.dt_imp,'%Y/%m') "date",
	from sp a
	group by date_format(a.dt_imp, '%Y/%m')
	order by 1

with a result like this

| ...     |            ... |
| 2002/02 |         238.30 |
| 2002/03 |        1385.95 |
| 2002/04 |         475.30 |
| 2002/05 |         171.10 |
| ...     |            ... |

now, I would like to get the avarage monthly import, so I could use the 
AVG() function.
Unfortunly I didn't understand how to use it in my case.
I've tried something like

	select avg(subqry1) from sp


	select * from subqry1

where suqry1 is the query precedently written; but I didn't succed in this.
How can I do to solve my problem?

thanks everybody.


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