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From:Thimble Smith Date:October 8 1999 3:38am
Subject:Re: Edit table
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At 09:15, 19991008, ratnakd wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>I make a program with a button where every single 'click' on this button
>will run insert, update and delete operations on 3 tables.
>Now, sometimes, when I run my program and 'click' the button, MySQL
>provide this kind of error : "Could not perform the edit because another
>user changed the record".

That doesn't sound like a MySQL error.  Are you going through ODBC,
or are you using the MySQL C library directly, or something else?  Do
you see any error messages in the MySQL error log?

>Is there any solution, to elliminate this kind of error ?

I've never heard of this error before, so that's why I'm wondering where
it's coming from.  Can you cut-and-paste the code that is printing out
that error, so we might know where it's from?

>Please forgive me if this is not the right topic to this mailing list.
>Thank you for your kind attention.

You have the right list.  As long as this error really is related to
MySQL in some way!  Please give us as much information about your program
as you can.  What language are you using.  How are you making the MySQL
queries.  Is it a threaded application?  And so forth!

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