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From:McKeever Chris Date:December 4 2003 11:13pm
Subject:Re: automate MSAccess into MySQL
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On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 15:00 , Warren <warren@stripped> sent:

>Is there a way to automate an export of a single table from a MS Access 
>DB into a Temp MySQL DB?
>I would like to make a front end that the client can select the correct 
>MS Access DB and then the correct table and once those are selected the 
>table will be exported into the MySQL DB for my C++ front end to utilize.
>Does anyone know how to do this?

I have read posts about implimentations of this.  You can easily grab the table structure
using VBA and then connect to MYSQL to create and 
import row by row (or even out to a CSV with a text file for the table schema).  PHP could
do the same, but I do not know if you can get the 
table structure as easiliy.  I guess the main question is, do you want to keep field
types, or just quickly push the data over.

Chris McKeever
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