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From:Victoria Reznichenko Date:December 3 2003 2:26pm
Subject:Re: Linux access question
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Noamn <NoamN@stripped> wrote:
> About a year ago, I set up mySQL on a computer running linux (probably
> RH7.1). At the time I thought that I would investigate how I could use this
> server in my business, but then I had more pressing issues and so neglected
> the subject. Now that I have some spare times and correct tools (Delphi 7),
> I want to renew my acquaintance with mySQL.
> I am trying to access the server from two computers running Win98. Both of
> them can connect to the linux machine via telnet and run programs such as
> the command line 'mysql', but only one of them allows me to connect via
> windows programs (I am using a program imaginatively called
> 'mysql_test.exe'). Of course, the machine which doesn't connect is the
> machine on which I am doing the program development.
> As far as I can figure out, there is some table (either in mySQL or in
> linux) which allows 'noam@stripped' to connect, but does not allow
> 'noam@stripped' to connect. What I am asking you, dear readers, is to
> help me find where I can add a definition to allow the second machine (and
> eventually others) to connect.

You should grant permissions to 'noam@stripped':
> I seem to be using version 3.22

It's too old version.

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