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From:Moritz von Schweinitz Date:December 2 2003 9:16pm
Subject:replication: one slave for multiple masters
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hi, all.

anybody know whether (and how) it's possible to have one server acting 
as a backup-server for various other servers, so that it basically does 
am incremental backup of ONE database on the to-be-backed-up server?

i was guessing to tell the backup-server to act as a slave for the 
various master-servers, but couldn't find anything in the manual 
explaining whether (or how) this is possible..

if using mysql's replication-feature is not an option for doing this, 
does anybody have any experience doing this the 'manual' way? my "plan 
B" is to simply download the bin-log every day via ftp, delete it on the 
to-be-backed-up-servers, and read it in at the backup-server.

thanks for any help,


P.S.: if this is the wrong list for this question, then ehich list would 
be appropiate?

replication: one slave for multiple mastersMoritz von Schweinitz2 Dec