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From:Ari Davidow Date:December 2 2003 8:48pm
Subject:stress testing
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We have just put up a new MySQL 3.23.x on a modest Sun V120 with 1GB RAM 
and a few gig of hard disk space. We're running Solaris 2.8.

We seem to be clueless (I am certainly clueless) about testing various 
configuration options so that we are reasonably optimizing the resources 
available to this server. We ran through (approximately) the four 
configuration files included with the MySQL distro, and then added more 
memory (we had, after all, 1GB).

We set up a script to repeated parse some common documents with lots of 
queries. Then we tried the sort of exercise where we'd create temporary 
tables and copy back and forth. Finally, we ran a load of SELECTs using 
full-text search (3 explicitly joined tables).

We did not record statistically significant results.

In truth, we have just begun using MySQL, and don't know what our pattern 
of usage is. Is there an idealized generalized configuration model and a 
tool or method available to test our server against that ideal? The online 
reference doesn't say much about optimization, and it is surely messier 
when we don't really know what we are optimizing for (or how to test, 
assuming we did know).

Any suggestions? stress testers that have matched up against specific types 
of configuration?


Ari Davidow

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