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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 7 1999 10:11pm
Subject:Re: Column Defaults
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>>>>> "mblack" == mblack  <mblack@stripped> writes:

mblack> According to the manual, TIMESTAMP will update every time the
mblack> current record is changed.  This, by the functionality, would be
mblack> more appropiate for a date_modified field than a date_created field.
mblack> It sure would be nice to set the default of a field to a return value of
mblack> a system function like SYSDATE, the same as AUTO_INCREMENT
mblack> works for numeric fields.

mblack> Michael Black


The problem is that we don't have place in the old .frm files to store 
default functions.  This will be fixed in 4.0 (by the end of this year?)
when we skip the .frm file format for a simple text file with the
create statement.

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