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From:Dan Nelson Date:November 29 2003 4:47pm
Subject:Re: MySQL separate downloads
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In the last episode (Nov 29), Director General: NEFACOMP said:
> Can someone tell me where I can get MySQL in separate files?  For
> example I am interested in only the standard MySQL binary for WinNT
> (mysqld-nt.exe) But, I cannot find where to download it alone since
> the package contains everything (the clients that I never use, the
> ---max version that I think I don't need, ...) and this makes the
> size of the package something > 20MB !!!! which is very big for
> DialUp connection!!!

Downloading a 20MB file at 14.4 modem speeds should take 3 hours.  Not
really that long, and you could always download for an hour each night,
and resume where you left off the next day.

If you can't download a 20MB file, how on earth are you keeping up with
the security patches released by Microsoft? :)

	Dan Nelson