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From:miguel solorzano Date:November 29 2003 4:16pm
Subject:RE: MySQL Win32 Service
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At 08:29 29/11/2003 -0600, Gerald R. Jensen wrote:
Hi Gerald, all

Some comments about this thread:

Installer tools handle the service application in basic general way,
I think the vendor would said non-simple service than non-standard
service. For example MySQL aborts the service start if the configuration
file was not created and edited the variables basedir/datadir if the
install location is different than the default one. Also MySQL has
3 types services: the default MySQL which the image path don't have
argument, a custom service with an extra argument for the service
name and a custom service with 2 extra arguments the --defaults-file=
option and service name.

In my opinion I don't expect that these installer tools does that
task instead I prefer the tool provide me a way for to launch an
external custom DLL or console application which contents the routines


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