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From:Chris Elsworth Date:November 27 2003 6:21pm
Subject:Repeated 100% CPU problem in FreeBSD
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Most of the time, MySQL 4.0.16 runs absolutely fine on my FreeBSD 4.9
system. However, today, unexplicably, it's run into the same problem 3
times now; a couple of the threads suddenly start eating 100% CPU for
no good reason while doing a SELECT. They'll sit there until I kill
them, which results in a lot of hair tearing as it comes back up
checking all the tables.

I haven't been able to produce a core despite sending it a SIGABRT,
but I'll try recompiling with -g (do the supplied binaries have this?)

Pretty much all I can find around that might contribute relates to the
poor threading implementation on FreeBSD and the name resolving issue.
I should have worked around both of them; I've built with
linuxthreads, and I have skip-name-resolve in my.cnf.

Does *anyone* have any clues why this randomly happens? It had been
fine for 30 or so days prior to this, and today it's crashed 3 times
in this way. I've recently run a myisamchk -r *.MYI over all the
tables in the database which comes up clean.

Any help would be appreciated.

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