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From:Jeff Gillin Date:November 26 2003 10:39pm
Subject:can't deflate MySQL4.0 tar.gz file
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  I'm trying to get the MySQL-4.0 for linux
(mysql-standard-4.0.16-pc-linux-i686.tar.gz), from the mirror but it has a problem when attempting to uncompress the file
(get "unexpected EOF in archive"). I'm getting this by using the ftp utility
on a Linux server. It clearly states that it's transferring in binary mode.
I've downloaded the 3.23.58 from the same site and it extracts fine. I would
like to use the 4.0 though. Does anyone have any idea why this one has
problems. I've heard that if it is compressed on a different machine (such
as Solaris) that the gzip is slightly different or something and it causes
problems. Does anyone have any suggestions? 



can't deflate MySQL4.0 tar.gz fileJeff Gillin27 Nov