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From: Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Re: Multiple Primary key
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getting_out wrote:

> Good evening people.
> I'm trying to create a simple table via MySQl Navigator.
> The table il structured in this way
> dt_amt    Date        Not Null    Primary Key
> oper    INT        Not Null    Primary Key
> amount    Decimal(3,3)    Null        ---
> but when I choose "fire" it shows me a "multiple primary key defined"
> message and doesn't make me create the table.
> Isn't MySql able to handle multiple primary key or it's a navigator bug?
> In the same day I can receive data from different operators.
> Thanks in advance D.
Ive never used MySQL navigator, but I think you should assign the 
primary keys
in the same line, like so:

dt_amt    Date        Not Null
oper    INT        Not Null
amount    Decimal(3,3)    Null
primary key (dt_amt, oper)

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