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From:tlr7425 Date:November 25 2003 12:25am
Subject:Re: web data entry problem
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Here is my connection script (conn_inc.php):
# conn_inc.php

if (!$connection) {
  echo "Could not connect to MySQL server!";

if (!$db) {
  echo "Could not change into the database test_gotcha";


Here is a web form (g_add_gotcha.php -- I have inserted a space around 
each " <  > "s, hoping it will not render as html in your email 
< HTML >
< BODY >
# g_add_system.php

include ("conn_inc.php");
include ("g_common_func.php");
title("Add a new technical system area");

$sql="SELECT system_type FROM system";

echo "<  FORM METHOD=GET  ACTION=\"g_write_system.php\" >";
echo "<B>What is the new system < /B >< BR >
< INPUT TYPE=\"TEXT\" NAME=\"system\" >< BR >";
if  ( $num_rows == 0 ) {
echo "There are currently no entries in the system table<BR>";
} else {
# we have some records
echo "< B >Here are the existing entries in the system table < /B >< BR 
echo "< SELECT NAME=\"current_system\" >";
while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($mysql_result))
# display results
echo "< OPTION >$system_type";
echo "< /SELECT >";
} # end else
echo "< BR >< BR >";
echo "< INPUT TYPE=\"SUBMIT\" VALUE=\"Add the new System\" >";
echo "< BR >< BR >< INPUT TYPE=\"RESET\" VALUE=\"Clear me!\" >";
< /FORM >
< /BODY >
< /HTML >

Thanks for any help,

>> From: Colleen Dick <platypus@stripped>
>> Date: November 24, 2003 10:24:05 AM EST
>> To: tlr7425@stripped
>> Cc: MySQL List <mysql@stripped>
>> Subject: Re: web data entry problem
>> Reply-To: platypus@stripped
>> There could be a number of things going on.
>> It would help troubleshoot your problem if your
>> script check for errors and print them if there are any.   You cant
>> just assume a connection is being made just because phpmyadmin 
>> connects.
>> Your web app has to make its own connection.
>> So how about showing us one of your scripts.  I bet it is something
>> simple youre overlooking in your setup.
>> tlr7425@stripped wrote:
>>> I hope someone might be willing to help out.
>>> I'm trying [still] to learn MySQL and php - to create some simply 
>>> web  based database.
>>> I have installed quite a few php/MySQL web database apps from books, 
>>>  however, none of them will get data entered into my database.
>>> When I create the database exactly as instructed, everything works  
>>> great, but when I create the form to send/add a new record to my db  
>>> then look at the db the new data is not there.
>>> This happens repeatedly with every example I build.  I can add 
>>> records  using a terminal or phpMyAdmin.
>>> I'm running MySQL 4.0.14, Mac OS X 10.3, PHP 4.3.2.
>>> I installed 'tasks' -  
>>> and it works just fine!  but it is too big for me to use to compare 
>>> to  my very simple scripts.
>>> Here is one I have recently installed whose data will not enter:
>>> tw=programming
>>> I believe my db connection is being made (I may be wrong), after all 
>>> my  phpMyAdmin app also works fine.
>>> I would be very grateful is there might be a kind soul who would 
>>> work  with me to help me to find out what is wrong?  I have had dbs 
>>> before  that worked fine, I don't understand this problem at all.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ted

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