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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 7 1999 12:33pm
Subject:ld errors while doing "make"
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>>>>> "Nopchai" == Nopchai Tangtritham <nung@stripped> writes:

Nopchai> Dear Admin
Nopchai> I'm trying to install mysql(source) to the system.. but It's alway
Nopchai> the errors with "ld" and then exit while doing "make".. I really have no
Nopchai> idea what cause this problem.. someone recommend me to install new "ld"..
Nopchai> but I don't think it that simple becuase I did with 2 system(both are osf)
Nopchai> but still get the same erros.

Nopchai> It would be appreciate if anyone could help suggest the way to solve
Nopchai> it.

Nopchai> I've included all necessary information & errors message below. Thanks in
Nopchai> advance

Nopchai> Regards,
Nopchai> Nung

Nopchai> -----------------------------------------------

Nopchai> I'm using gcc2.95 19990728(release)/ system OSF1 4.0f (alpha) / MySQL
Nopchai> source 3.22.26a


Nopchai> gcc -O6 -DDBUG_OFF -o re split.o debug.o main.o libregex.a
Nopchai> ../strings/libmystric
Nopchai> /usr/bin/ld:
Nopchai> Unresolved:
Nopchai> fflush
Nopchai> abort


The above error message is quite confusing as 'fflush' is something
that should be found in libc.  Try doing 'man fflush' and check which
libraries you need to include on the link when using this!

You can test this by executing the last compile/link line from shell
and just adding the needed libraries last after.

Here is an old answer on this topic:


On DU4.0e patch level 1, I did the following:
cd mysql-3.22.22
setenv CC "cc -pthread"
setenv CXX "cxx -pthread -O"
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql\
        --with-mysqld-ldflags=-all-static --disable-shared\
        --with-named-thread-libs="-lmach -lexc -lc"
#       --with-named-thread-libs="-lpthread -lmach -lexc -lc"

In this case, cc is not defaulting to gcc since I do not have
the gnu tree in my path. Ie: you are using the DEC C compiler.

%cc -V|&head -1
DEC C V5.8-009 on Digital UNIX V4.0 (Rev. 1091)
%cxx -V
DIGITAL C++ V6.1-029 on DIGITAL UNIX V4.0 (Rev. 1091)

(NOTE: I am in the csh, hence |&.)

Also, note the commented out line in the script above. There is
no pthread library on DU4.0E. You could also have:

setenv CC "/usr/bin/cc -pthread"
setenv CXX "/usr/bin/cxx -pthread -O"

to make sure you got the DEC ones.

Hope this helps.


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