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From:robertxu Date:November 21 2003 11:37pm
Subject:Inquery from Varian Medical Systems
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To Whom It May Concern:

I am Robert and work for Varian Medical Systems. MySQl is the backend of 
our Intranet, VMSNet.

Our current environment is:

The web server and MySQL reside in one hardware server- US server. If this 
hardware server fails, we switch the users to our European web server. But 
the European web server is not bundled with MySQL. So all the MySQL 
applications still are not available until US server is back.  That is the 

Someone suggests to set up MySQL master and slave instances to solves 
this.  But such configuration does not guarantee 100% data synchronization 
between the master and the slave.

Is there any other alternatives? Please advise. Appreciate your attention 
and time.



Inquery from Varian Medical Systemsrobertxu22 Nov
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