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From:Christian Mack Date:April 8 1999 7:57pm
Subject:Re: Beginners - Privilage Setup Problem
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Jon Halton wrote:
> First of all thank you to everyone who helped me yesterday with my Load Data
> Infile problems. That has now been solved. As you can probably tell I am
> very new to MySql and am now having problems setting up the privilege
> system. I don't expect a full explanation, but would appreciate a few
> pointers.
> The host table already includes the following:
> Host       Db Select Insert Update Delete Create Drop
> localhost   %   Y     Y       Y      Y      Y     Y
> The User table includes
> Host         User   Password Select ....
> localhost   admin      Y       Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
> localhost              N       N   N N N N N N
> The DB table includes
> Host  Db          User Select Insert Update Delete Create Drop
>  %   test               Y      Y      Y      Y      Y     Y
>  %   test\_%            Y      Y      Y      Y      Y     Y
>  %   petholidays  admin Y      Y      Y      Y      Y     Y
> I cant connect to the petholidays database using the admin user. What am I
> not setting correctly?
> Thanks for your help

Hi Jon

Your user 'admin' is only allowed to connect from localhost.
So you need to add a line into the User table:
Host         User   Password Select ....
%            admin      Y       N   N N N N N N N N 


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