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From:Dan Nelson Date:November 18 2003 5:09pm
Subject:Re: 50 000 tables - table_cache
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In the last episode (Nov 18), Jrgen Winqvist said:
> I'm working with an application that uses a lot of tables. Apx 50k
> tables are accessed every 5 minuts and they are openened/closed
> constantly. There is a performance problem and i've changed the
> filesystem to reiserfs for better handling many files.  I also
> increased the open-file limit in both mysql and linux but i can't
> increase table_cache more than 16384 tables.

Switching to InonDB may help you here, since all tables are stored in
just a few tablespace files and the table cache is unused.

Also, the table cache is just a linked list, so if you're thinking
about rebuilding mysql with a higher hard table_cache limit, consider
whether you want it to be scanning a 50k-element list every time it
needs a table :)  16384 is probably too high as it stands.

	Dan Nelson
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