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From:Steve Edberg Date:October 7 1999 5:47am
Subject:Re: from linux to NT
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At 3:53 AM +0100 10/7/99, Stefan Tryggvason wrote:
>There are no serious differences that I know of between PHP on Linux and on
>NT, aside maybe from some security issues with the web server being used and
>so on, which seems to be an ongoing argument between Linux and NT users
>anyway!  As for MySQL, there are differences in that the newest version
>available on Win32 platforms is 3.21.29a-gamma-debug.  Two prominent

Not true...the 3.21 version is the _shareware_ version. If you want a 
current version, you have to pay the license fee - $200US, if I 
remember correctly. I don't have my password handy to check the 
Windows server download page, but the WinNT version is only a few 
sub-version numbers behind the real release, if that.

>differences I have found are the syntax of the 'ALTER TABLE' statement,
>which is missing some functionality, and the lack of date arithmetic
>functions available in the later Linux releases.
>Stefan Tryggvason


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