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From:Jason Ramsey Date:November 13 2003 10:08pm
Subject:Format of stopwords file
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In the docs is says that you can define your own stopwords file for fulltext
searching.  The following is under show variables...

ft_stopword_file The file from which to read the list of stopwords for
full-text searches. All the words from the file will be used; comments are
not honored. By default, built-in list of stopwords is used (as defined in
`myisam/ft_static.c'). Setting this parameter to an empty string ("") will
disable stopword filtering. Note: FULLTEXT indexes must be rebuilt after
changing this variable. (This option is new for MySQL 4.0.10)

.. However, it doesn't say what format this file should be in.  Should it be
a text document with one word per line?  Is there some other format?

Also, is there a way to list the words mysql is currently using as

Format of stopwords fileJason Ramsey13 Nov
  • Re: Format of stopwords fileMatt W14 Nov