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From:Dan Nelson Date:November 13 2003 10:05pm
Subject:Re: Problems storing SHA1 Hash
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In the last episode (Nov 13), Paride De Gasperis said:
> Hello all,
> I have a problem storing an SHA1 hash generated as user password for an
> application...
> This is the original SELECT Command:
> INSERT INTO Auth$ VALUES ('System', '
> % 3/4
> ÿX;Z^E(xB9ª?(?U?N~oSSE?$03Ç^O?#^1j?'U'Yùÿ??-#N^A?·"`Uü½î[.6?thth^?',
> 3)
> but the stored values are:
> % 3/4
> ÿX;Z^E(xB9ª?(?U?N~oSSE?$03Ç^O?#^1j?'U'Yùÿ??-#N^A?·"`Uü½î[.6?thth^?
> this differes from the original in some characters and the password check fails...

Those two strings are identical; I moved the first one onto its own
line so they line up.  Make sure the field is not a VARCHAR field (use
a BLOB) and you should be okay.

	Dan Nelson
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