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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 6 1999 6:10pm
Subject:Kanji and MySQL
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>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan Clegg <nathan@stripped> writes:

Nathan> I've read the docs on unicode and multi-byte languages with MySQL, but I
Nathan> have some basic questions still.

Nathan> 1) What changes will I have to make to a database structure currently
Nathan> running English in order to make it support English *and* Kanji, for
Nathan> example?

Nathan> 2) I'm currently using the binary installation for Solaris 2.6 (running on
Nathan> Solaris 2.7--working so far :).  Is there a binary installation available
Nathan> for other language support or will I need to get the source?  Do I just
Nathan> compile with new options or do I need different package portions?

Nathan> 3) Will my current implementation be sufficient for German, French, and
Nathan> other ISO Latin-1 languages?


We plan to add dynamic language support for MySQL 3.23 in the near

Currently you can only have one character set (+ the BINARY character
set) in each MySQL server.  You also need the source distribution to
change character sets.

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