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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 6 1999 10:57pm
Subject:Questiosn about DBI.
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>>>>> "aosipov" == aosipov  <aosipov@stripped> writes:

aosipov> Hi,
aosipov> I was working with DBI, and I started thinking what if I was to convert mysql
aosipov> api c headers to perl headers (h2ph tool) and try to use mysql directly
> instead
aosipov> of going through the middle man, DBI.  Could this potentially show some speed
aosipov> improvements, or will dbi be faster and more efficient since it has been made
aosipov> more efficient over time?  Please let me know of any thoughts you have on
> this.

aosipov> Sincerely,
aosipov> Alex Osipov


Normally DBI/DBD should be fast enough.  There is quite little
overhead in this, in particular if you use the ->do() function.

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