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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 6 1999 11:41pm
Subject:RE: Strange lock up (repost)
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>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Chi <tchi@stripped> writes:

Timothy> Hi,
Timothy> I've actually been experiencing the same things on my server.

Timothy> Basically, when I start things up, everything if fine for awhile.  Slowly
Timothy> but surely, overall performance begins to degrade as MySQL continues to eat
Timothy> up all the cpu.  Eventually, the system basically comes to a grinding halt,
Timothy> with load average hovering around 17.65, Mysql using about 78%.

Timothy> Configuration:
Timothy> Sun E450 
Timothy> 4 400Mhz Processors
Timothy> 3.5 Gig RAM
Timothy> Solaris 2.6 w/ all latest patches (Y2k cluster + latest patch)

Timothy> I'm running Mysql 3.22.23b
Timothy> (Also, Apache 1.34, mod_perl 1.16)

Timothy> Why do all the processes just enter into a Query mode after a short amount
Timothy> of time and never return?  My queries are extremely simple, usually straight
Timothy> SELECT col FROM tablename WHERE col1=val1 AND col2=val2.   

Timothy> Any ideas on why this might be happening?  I think its very similar to
Timothy> Brian's problem.  I can probably deliver any type of debugging info you
Timothy> need. Upgrading to 3.22.26 did not help.

Timothy> Any insight or suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Timothy> -Tim
Timothy> tchi@stripped

Timothy> Here's a processlist and ext (after performance is nil):



It would be extremely useful if you can send me the output from
pstack when this happens again!  This will give us a back trace for each
thread so we can find out what it's doing!

Another option is to run mysqld under gdb 2.8 and when this happens
again provide a back trace for each tread!

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